Corrugated Cardboard/ Paper board:

Different flute Cardboard/ Paper board

C flute paperboard often uses in outter packaging carton box 
Super robushness
Less space consumed in warehouse
Good material for floor display, Standee floor display, carton box

B flute paper board often used in inner packaging carton box 
Great compression strength
Most popular material used in cardboard
Widely used in container for carrying heavy

E flute paper board often uses in small packaging box 
Excellent crush resistance
Superb printing surface
Excellent for custom die-cut boxes
Good material for counter top display, packaging box, gift box

Printing and Surface:

Our Common Printing:
Single color printing
Four colors printing
Spot color printing

Our Common Surface Treatment:
Local oil UV coating/ UV vanishing
Spot UV coating
Glass vanishing
Matt vanishing
Hot stamping/ Bronzing
Filming/ Metallic laminating
Matt PP laminating
Gloss laminating
Bronze printing
Water based vanishing/ AQ coating


Edge protector

Strong and Sturdy edge protector is molded into a right angle stabilize strapped or stretch wrapped loads
Eliminate shifting loads
Prevents shifting and provides extra support when double- stacking pallets in warehouse
Standard color: Brown / White 


Peg Hook

Peg Hooks have special designed back for faster, easier installation
Double stem design helps to keep the stability of products
Forward front point prevents products from falling off
Sizes available: Length 4", 5", 6", 7" & 8"

Clip Hook

Clip Hooks fit in slots or on the top of corrugated displays
Its larger back provides maximum stability and adding safety
Sizes available: Length 3", 4", 5", 6" & 7"

Loop Peg Hooks

Loop peg hooks are specially designed for faster, easier installation
It has wider stem to ensures the support of the hook and allows for a balanced hold
They are suitable and tailor-made for the products packaging with Euro-hole
Sizes available: Length 3", 4", 5", 6" , 7" & 8"

S Hook ( Power Wing Clips )

S Hooks (Power Wing Clips) are used as display aids or for display construction
It is designed to hold corrugated panels (Side Kick Displays) on wire/ Grid Displays
Ideal for securing corrugated displays to power wings, sidekicks and wire displays.

Cardboard/ Paper Pallet

Compare to wooden pallet, paper pallets are :
Non- quarantinable
Cheaper than  wooden pallet
Paper pallet is 100% recyclable.
Unlike wooden pallet, paper pallet contains no jagged nails or corners which is likely to cause damage to your products.
The shipping weight of your container can be lessened since paper-make light-weight pallet is prior in weight than heavy wood.


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